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Jennifer Carr

Jennifer Carr Photography
Jennifer Carr Photography
Palo Alto, California
Hey hey! I'm Jennifer! I believe in sandy feet, salty hair and celebrating each moment. I'm always looking for adventure alongside my awesome hubby, Forrest. You'll usually find us outside, chasing waves, climbing mountains, gardening, swimming, or doing just about anything other than sitting still. But don't get me wrong, I also love laying on the beach with my Kindle in my hand, engrossed in the latest bestseller. I bake bread, brew beer, and shower my friends and family with love by way of a home cooked meal.

My love of the outdoors has strongly influenced my photography. My favorite subjects are the overlooked details which surround us every day. I create images depicting simple pleasures as I see them in my mind, showing natural beauty that might otherwise be forgotten. I'm drawn to color and light, each the brighter the better! My goal is to create images which are uplifting and lighthearted, leaving the viewer filled with hope and a desire to join me on my next adventure.