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Jen Bebb

Director of CMpro, documenter of life, dreamer of awesome things
Vancouver, BC Canada
Sometimes witty, frequently sarcastic, always sincere…Jen Bebb combines humility with proficiency, and likability with determination. Raised to believe hard work is all you need to succeed, Jen has certainly modelled that. Content to put her head down and do the best job she could, Jen and her husband Steve, soon reaped the rewards of that work. It took only seven years for them to become overnight successes as a result of American Photo’s Top 10 Wedding Photographers list. Seven years. As an author, Jen has always believed that putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) was the key to success. And yet, years of writing led her nowhere. Out of the blue, she was contacted by a publisher about a non fiction book – "Photo Fusion" and has now published her second book "Beyond Auto Mode". Jen walks through life with intention. Believing life is a progressive journey with obstacles and successes scattered throughout, Jen embraces the idea that she is not merely "photographer" or "writer", she is an Artist-preneur. She is a Creative, a person who thrives in a world full of interpretation and imagination. Despite living with one foot in the creative world, she remains firmly rooted in the life she has created with Steve and their two children. Learning to fly while rooted has been one of Jen’s greatest successes. Embracing life as though each day counted more than the one before, her proudest project to date is the two boys she and Steve are raising to be men. They truly believe in leading by example and always being the very best you, you can be. Today Jen is writing, photographing life as it happens, working with the team at Clickin Moms, and revolutionizing the way creatives conference all while raising her two boys and loving her husband. Jen’s belief in the importance of hard work never wavers. Nor does her belief that integrity, respect and humor are the cornerstones of a good life. No stranger to risk, this photographer/author/mom/wife/CEO is ready for the next big leap, knowing this might not work… …but what if it does?